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Root Canal therapy is the art of treating pain caused by an infection inside your tooth. This falls under a special area of dentistry known as Endodontics. The word Endodontics literally means dentistry within the tooth itself.

At ADx Dental, we’re here to help alleviate your pain and find the best options for saving your tooth. Since a Root Canal Therapy treatment treats disorders of the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth) the goal is to restore the tooth to a comfortable and undamaged state that will help save the tooth.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

There can be many reasons a root canal may be needed; however, the most common cause is an infected tooth. Signs of an infected tooth are not always easy to identify, however, as the infection progresses, you may experience one (or more) of the following signs:

  • The pressure in the area of the infected tooth that causes a sharp pain when biting
  • The tooth becomes reactive to hot or cold food and beverages, and the pain lingers long after the source is removed.
  • The tooth begins to darken, indicating the nerve is damaged or dying slowly.
  • Pain and tenderness in your gums become more frequent and severe
  • Tooth pain wakes you up in the middle of the night and affects the quality of your sleep.
  • Spontaneous, throbbing tooth pain is not relieved using over-the-counter pain medications.

How Do You Treat A Tooth Requiring A Root Canal?

Dr. Tran will start by cleaning and shaping your root canals. He removes the unhealthy pulp and smooths and cleans your canals to prepare them for the filling material.

He then fills the root canals with a fine rubberlike material (or other dental material) and seals off the root canal leaving the filling material in place.

Once he has treated the inside of the tooth, he will then restore your tooth to give it a healthy appearance.  When restoring damaged teeth, Dr. Tran analyzes the intimate relationship between the arrangement of your teeth and your face. He then harmonizes these elements, so your smile can shine it’s best.

At ADx Dental, our philosophy is to be mindful when removing the infected part of your tooth. To achieve this, we sometimes work with up to 20x magnification. This way, we can minimize the amount of tooth structure removed.

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment treats the nerve
of a tooth and allows you to repair
and save your natural tooth.
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